Sunday, January 31, 2021

Looking Ahead to a New Year

Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies

We are already a month into 2021 and only a few hours away from being in February.  Time can really fly at times!   If January proved anything, it was by two events.  For most people, no matter   who    is behind the desk in the Oval Office or whatever team goes to the Super Bowl, their daily lives will not change. 

I try my best to keep the commentary on this page away from politics and the other bat-poop craziness in our world.  In instances of politics and religion, there is a very good chance that 50% of your audience will disagree with you.  So, I try to stay away from those topics to keep the four people who read this blog happy and for the simple fact that there are countless others who pontificate on those topics.

For 2021, I hope that as a country we can get back to work and resume what had been our daily routines.  I do feel that once people have something to do other than watch Netflix and complain on Facebook and Twitter that we will all regain some sanity.

This year, I hope to announce that I will be publishing my first book.  I honestly feel that I am not far away from that milestone, but you never know what will happen until that publish button is pushed.  It will be exciting when it does happen.  If you like fantasy, evil monks, magic, lots of epic battles, and farm girls that can kick some ass, I might have a book or five that may interest you.  This process has been years in the making, and as much as it has frustrated me at times that I had not yet published, I think the wait has given me time to write the best book that I can.  Hopefully, I will have more good news soon.

I know in these times there are plenty of people struggling.  If you want an escape, Hoopla and Overdrive are free apps in which you can borrow digital media from your library.  All you need is a library card (which your local library will give you for free) and a wireless device and you are good to go.  I believe each app allows you to have around 10 borrows a month.  So that is a lot of free movies, music, and books (especially for those in a homeschooling situation) to help get you through this time.  I know it does not fix the world’s problems, but it can give you some enjoyment in your day.  You can also make recommendations to your library.  I have done this and over a dozen of my suggestions have been purchased.  Most libraries are in the business of serving their community and are often very eager to be responsive to their patrons.  And it costs you nothing.

To everyone out there, best wishes and good luck for a bright and happy 2021!



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