Sunday, January 30, 2022

A New Year, A New Beginning

The Grey Ghost, as a baby 😊

 I have not been very consistent in posting on this site.  In fact, its been almost 11 months since my last entry.  What can I say, life happens.  

This past year saw lots of life changes for my family. In November, my wife and I welcomed  our beautiful baby girl into the world.  A newborn will make you adjust your life accordingly, but after trying and waiting for so many years, our daughter is the greatest blessing we could have ever received.

With the new year, I have resolutions like most people.  There have been lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes in my publishing life, and hopefully I can share some good news soon.  Though its been 11 months since my last post, it does not mean I've been sitting on my couch eating cheese puffs!

To continue my trend of mentioning The Wheel of Time, or WoT, my wife and just completed Season 1 of WoT on Amazon.  The series differs from the books somewhat, but have remained true to the spirit of Robert Jordan, the creator of WoT.  The musical score for the series is well-done, and I foresee owning the soundtrack in the near future!

May you experience 2022 with joy and many blessings.  Talk to yall soon!


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