Monday, February 28, 2022

The Strange Times We Live In


         Somewhere in Colorado...

Greetings all!  The world we live in continues to be strange and unpredictable.  I try my best to stay informed with the goings on with the world. However, it is too easy to be sucked into despair and worry especially in dealing with events that are beyond our control.   I've studied military history for a long time, and much of my fantasy writing includes battles and wars.  However, that does not mean I want to live through one or watch one on live tv or social media.  War is ugly and harsh, and it is always the civilian population that pays the highest price.  

There are enough "experts" commenting on the ongoing Russian-Ukraine War.  As an American, I believe in the ideals of America (And yes, I know we have not always lived up to them ourselves) in that all people deserve the right to self-determination and the right to live freely.  I was born in the 1980s, and at that time, the Berlin Wall still stood and much of Eastern Europe was under the boot of communism.

I have this tendency to root for the little guy and those who have been treated unjustly.  With the digital revolution and the age of the internet, it is much more difficult for dictators and tyrants the hide their aggression and crimes.  I hope and pray for peace in the world, a world that is safe for my daughter to live and thrive in.  And, I desire for liberty and justice for the Ukrainian people.    


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